Team discusses CCUS, the path to net zero, and insights for investors

San Antonio, Texas. — June 2, 2021 —  CarbonFree, a company whose technology captures carbon from industrial plants and transforms it into Calcium Carbonate, was featured on the latest episode of an investment podcast.

“Invest with James West” released the podcast featuring an interview with CarbonFree CEO Martin Keighley and CFO Scott Gardner to their subscribers, while CarbonFree published the podcast on the CarbonFree YouTube channel. The podcast includes content on carbon capture, utilization & storage, information on what sets CarbonFree’s technology apart, and insights for investors who are interested in this fast-growing industry. 

You can listen now here.

About CarbonFree

CarbonFree is a private company focused on advancing the net-zero ambitions of both CO2 emitters and consumers of carbon-negative chemicals. After preparing with 15 years of research and development, CarbonFree is bringing a technology to carbon-emitting plants around the world called SkyCycleTM. This on-site solution mineralizes CO2 captured from the plant and creates products for sale or safe storage, such as calcium carbonate (PCC & limestone); sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Investor Contact 

Scott Gardner, CFO CarbonFree Chemicals Holdings LLC, San Antonio, Texas. Phone: 512.296.7785,