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CarbonFree SkyMine® San Antonio, Texas

Our mission is to capture 10% of the world’s industrial CO2.

Our Investors

Our investors are made up of people and businesses who want to be a part of something big – for the environment and for a carbon-free future. 

Our investors have an undeniable passion for not only a better planet but for investing in a sustainable future.

Let’s Talk About the Impact You Could Make

We have the technology to truly make a difference and contribute to your net-zero goals and the business model to do it profitably. 

Your investment could help us take these solutions around the world.


We have the solutions that will help you get there – through CCUS and carbon-negative chemicals, AND it’s surprisingly cost-effective, scalable, and safe.

News Releases

Read how CarbonFree is playing its part in the journey to a net-zero planet.

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#CarbonCapture is versatile. It is an economy-wide solution which can create value through new technologies that transform #carbon into low-carbon fuels, building materials & other products. #WednesdayWisdom @nature_org v @JasonAlbritto16 & @CCSTechFacts

CarbonFree's CEO and CFO went on the “Invest with James West” podcast to talk about the future of CCUS, what sets our technology apart, and valuable insights for investors about this fast-growing industry. Listen here:
#CCUS #netzero2050 #carboncapture

#WednesdayWisdom “#Carboncapture offers a unique, #bipartisan opportunity to reduce our nation’s carbon emissions while preserving and creating high-wage energy, industrial and manufacturing jobs.” - @CCSTechFacts Director Brad Crabtree

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