Do industrial plants have to be bad for the environment?  Not anymore.

CarbonFree’s technology removes harmful pollutants and stores carbon more safely – while creating useful products in the process.

Customers and Suppliers

We only have one planet, one atmosphere, and CarbonFree is driven by the passion to be part of the global journey to net-zero.

Our Customers

Below are links to the Specification Sheets and Safety Data Sheets for the chemicals we sell at our SkyMine Plant. As well as a link to our Terms and Conditions of Sale for those chemicals and the contact information for our sales department.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

CarbonFree Sales

Geoff Spahr
Director of Sales and Marketing

Our Suppliers

Below are links to our Terms and Conditions for Purchase and contact information for our procurement department.

Terms and Conditions for Purchase

CarbonFree Procurement

Joseph Aleman
Procurement Director

Binding CO2 to make globally in-demand carbon-negative chemicals.  

CarbonFree’s technologies produce sustainable carbon-negative chemicals that contribute to a net-zero future.

SkyCycle produces calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid.

SkyMine produces sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

You can now purchase that sodium bicarbonate for household cleaning or maintaining your pool on Amazon!

To find out how our carbon-negative products can help on your company’s journey to net-zero