CarbonFree wins seat in exclusive carbontech program.

CarbonFree selected for Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative

San Antonio, Texas. — May 18, 2021 —  CarbonFree is now participating in a program to help propel companies that are capturing and converting carbon dioxide (CO₂) into valuable end products or services.

CarbonFree is one of the 10 organizations selected from 130+ global applicants to join the initiative’s first cohort. Participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with executive leaders across diverse industry sectors and the organizations driving the future of carbontech.

CarbonFree’s SkyCycle™ technology, which captures carbon from industrial plants and transforms it into Calcium Carbonate (PCC & Limestone), fits perfectly within the purpose of the Carbon to Value Initiative. CarbonFree is building on its active SkyMineTM facility adjacent to a cement plant in Texas and is working to implement the technology around the globe for a dramatic environmental impact.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the other organizations capturing carbon dioxide and creating products of value,” said CarbonFree CEO Martin Keighley. “This program is an opportunity for us to build more momentum, and bring our technology to industrial plants around the world, by working with the world class players in the C2V program — getting our planet to net-zero faster.”

CarbonFree is continuing to gain attention from larger organizations and initiatives. Earlier this month, TETRA Technologies announced it has entered an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with CarbonFree, signaling the two entities are formalizing their partnership. TETRA is a well-known player in the energy and minerals industry, and can offer CarbonFree in-depth expertise on calcium chloride, which will speed up expansion efforts.

The C2V Initiative could mean more powerful partnerships for CarbonFree, as the program gives participants the opportunity to explore partnerships with members of the Carbontech Leadership Council (CLC). The CLC is made up of influential business and NGO leaders who hold the keys to this trillion-dollar industry.

About CarbonFree

CarbonFree is a private company focused on advancing the net-zero ambitions of both CO2 emitters and consumers of carbon-negative chemicals. After preparing with 15 years of research and development, CarbonFree is bringing a technology to carbon-emitting plants around the world called SkyCycleTM. This on-site solution mineralizes CO2 captured from the plant and creates products for sale or safe storage, such as calcium carbonate (PCC & limestone); sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Investor Contact 

Scott Gardner, CFO CarbonFree Chemicals Holdings LLC, San Antonio, Texas. Phone: 512.296.7785,